New Artist: Lucy Spraggan

This past month, as I was watching some of the UK X-Factor auditions from 2012 on YouTube, I came across a female vocalist named Lucy Spraggan.  She sang an original that was amazing, but I don't recommend that you memorize the song and start singing it around the house :) .  The words aren't necessarily the most appropriate for someone like myself...haha!

"Last night I asked you to marry me, that's when I remembered the brandy"

I won't mention anymore of the lyrics, but I will say that she has a very interesting and admirable writing style :) .  She has a gift for using her words in a way that makes you feel drawn to what she's trying to say!  I must warn you, she does have some other songs that are similar to the song she sang at her X-Factor audition, but she also has quite a few that tell exemplary stories.

Here's one of her originals that actually makes me cry!  I'm not well known for crying over a song, but the words she uses to describe this story make my heart melt!  In another video, she mentions that this song was based on a real couple she met.  I hope you fall in love with this song as much as I did :) .

Tea & Toast

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