My First Turkey!

Ever since I can remember, my family has had large family meals together, around the holidays. I love to recall the aroma of steamed vegetables with exotic spices, the sparkling punch with dainty lemons, and then my favorite part: the turkey. It has a welcoming smell that no one can resist.  It makes me feel as if I'm a part of a Norman Rockwell painting.

A few months ago, while my mom was healing from Annemarie's birth, I made up my mind to cook a turkey. But there was one problem:  I didn't know how!  After a few tips from my grandmothers, and a little help from YouTube, I made a turkey!  I must say that it was quite fun.

Here are a few photos of how it turned out :) .

Target Fun!

I took some of my younger siblings to Target today, and we had a blast! After shopping, they were each blessed with a chocolate chip cookie from the Target Cafe for "first time" obedience! Although the cookies weren't the healthiest things in the world, I believe that having a little treat once in a while is good for you.

Josephine Grace (Jojo)


Gabriel Tate (Tate)

Libby, Jojo, and Tate

Elisabeth Ashleigh (Libby)

Monday Night

We had some friends over last night to celebrate my newest younger sister, Annemarie Carolyn. We had a peaceful time of worshiping all together and praying over her and her future. It was such a blessing to be around "like minded" friends who share our vision! I feel such a peace after last night that God is going to carry our family along in this season of our lives. He's going to show and teach us things things that we would have never known if it weren't for Annemarie coming into our lives.

Here are some pictures:)

Mr. Jason, Zoe girl, and Lucas chilling on the couch.

Mom during worship.

My dad, Pastor Josh, and our new friend, Elijah, praying over Annemarie...so sweet!

Anneamarie Heilman, or big Annemarie, with little Annemarie.

Zoe is very interested in the colorful chalk.  I love her puffy cheeks!

Tia Pam talking affectionately to Annemarie, with Lucas, her little boy, to the right.

CJ(on guitar), Jackson(on drums), Abbie, and I leading our friends in worship.

My mom, Chace, holding little Annemarie.

Zoe, big Annemarie's little girl, and Jojo playing sidewalk chalk.

My dad, Shane, opening the worship in prayer.

Big Annemarie and little Annemarie again:)

Tia Pam holding Annemarie.