The Frazier Christmas

Sunday evening, my grandmother threw a wonderful Christmas party at her home for her family, the Fraziers. We had a marvelous time sitting around the piano singing Christmas carols and enjoying one another. The evening turned out to be quite comical, from Uncle Bill trying on his new Christmas boxers from Aunt Debbie to the silly poses everyone made during picture time. As always, it was great to see family members that I so rarely am able to be around, due to geographical distance :) . Have a merry, merry Christmas!!!

Here are a few of the pictures that I snapped during our eventful evening.

Aunt Debbie, Uncle Charlie, Gran, Granddad, Jean, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Valera taking a group pic.

Aunt Debbie got Uncle Bill candy cane boxers for Christmas this year, and he tried them on in front of EVERYBODY!!!  It was hilarious! :)

Daddy with his cousins: Angie, Chris, and Bird(with their spouses).

Aunt Valera fixing herself a glass of pop :).