ArtLife 2012

This summer, Abbie, Jackson, Libby, and I were blessed with an opportunity to attend an amazing arts camp called ArtLife.  It was hosted by Bob and Teresa Nix, a remarkable Christian couple who have a monumental heart for young men and women who want to use their gifts to invest in the Kingdom of God.  Some of the passionate artists who came alongside the Nixes in mentoring and ministering to the young adults who came to ArtLife were Dan and Sarah Black, Jason Nix, Jessica Greenhaw, Michelle Patterson, Jennifer Wooden, Sarah Osterhus, Allison Cornell, and Kathy and Meredith Moore.

During the week of ArtLife, I was able to take an entire week of contemporary, hip hop, ballet, and modern dance classes from the most life-giving instructors! The encouragement I received from them helped me to push aside some insecurities that the enemy had been trying to use to make me feel like I was not gifted.  The enemy uses lies like that to keep us from growing using our God given gifts for His glory.  Because of the love they showed me and words of life they spoke over me, I am now able, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, to face those insecurities and tell them that they're not welcome in my life anymore. I can command all of the thoughts that tormented my confidence before to flee, and I can live everyday knowing I am God's child, that I am cherished by my Father.

There were times in the evenings where the dancers, and anyone else who felt led by the Spirit, could dance spontaneously before the Lord. In all honesty, that was the most powerful part of the week!  I find it amazing how free people can be in their movements when a room is flooded with the Presence of God; it pleases the Father more than we could ever know.  I know that God smiles over us when we let our selfish pride fall apart, and we worship Him without any thought as to who is watching us.

I love the story of King David dancing through the streets of Jerusalem, completely ignorant to what those around him thought of his act of praise to his Creator.  Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone could just worship with their whole bodies and not be worried about what they look like?  If only we, as children of God, could make things simple for Him by letting go of our pride and vanity. We're called by Jesus to be different from the world, so why not start with letting God move us in whatever way He feels is best, physically and spiritually?

I am so grateful that God allowed me to get to know so many people who have the same vision for using the arts in the Kingdom of God as I do.  I'm looking forward to the things God has in store for next year!


Libby at the dance audition :)
Jason brought his entire recording studio to the SAGU campus for the music track to record the two songs they wrote.

Abbie's first time recording!
Michelle and Lila 
Jason and Michelle leading "You Won't Relent" during evening worship.
Abbie, Katelyn, and Shannon
Myself after a long day of dancing, dancing, and more dancing! :)
Libby and Tori on the last day of camp.
Jessica Greenhaw, Libby, and myself on the last day of camp.

Jackson snuggling his dearest Annemarie after an entire week without her.

Madison holding my precious one, Annemarie.
Bree with Annemarie
No matter where we go, people are drawn to our beloved Annemarie.  I believe that God has blessed her with the annointing to draw people into His Kingdom!
Annemarie was quite entertained by Will and his silly faces :) .
Barry and Michelle opening the show with a few of their incredible songs.  I love how they look at each other when they sing together!  It makes the words that are coming out of their mouths so much more powerful :) .

Abbie's music track homies: Brett, Josh, Will, Jordan, Jackson, and Alex.
Libby enjoying herself at the end of the performance!

Some of my new dance buddies :)

Jessica, Sarah Osterhus, Sarah Black, and some of the other beautiful dancers at camp worshipping in the back of the theater before the end of the week performance started.
Abbie and Michelle
Libby and Laney
Some of the dance track and myself dancing during the finale of the show :) .


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